[Photo] The Butterfly in the Little Garden

The Butterfly in the Little Garden

This picture was taken in my second year in Bogor Agricultural University. Back then, I’m just an average students who just get the camera and always bring it when I walking around the garden in my campus. I take a picture of everything. The fountain, the tower, the flower, until I saw this beautiful butterfly come around. With my lack of skill, I never expected that I’m able to get the picture of this beautiful, gallant creature.

Now two years has passed and, until some moment ago, I don’t have any recollection of this photo. I accidentally open my picture directory in my computer and I see this photo again, and instantly I remember the feeling from two years ago : the feeling when you  finally able to do something you never know you can do. The feeling I need most in my current situation. Thanks God for all of your kindness. :)

Sekali-kali membuat tulisan berbahasa Inggris, walau grammar-nya masih banyak yang cacat 😛


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