The Adventure of Danbo : Bogor Botanical Garden

In the beautiful morning, when the sky is clear and the wind calmly blow, Danbo, whose feel boring of his daily work, decide to have some adventure in the famous Botanical Garden in Bogor. His goal in this adventure is to visit the legendary flower in Orchid House, which exist in the center of the garden, and, of course, to take some time out of his daily work to refresh his mind. So, in the night before, he packed his gears, a simple digital camera, some spare batteries, and a bottle of water to be used in his adventure.

In case you’ve never hear about Danbo, below is his picture, a cute figure that resemble a box.

Our Gueststar! Danbo!

The gate of the garden is opens in 07.00 AM. He comes earlier, but unfortunately today the gatekeepers is late. So he have to wait for thirty minutes before he able to enter the garden. This little accident make him forget to take picture of him in the front of the gate, so, in this story, Danbo lets the reader to imagine the form of the gate. The gate is gigantic, created from white marbles, and guarded by some fierce looking statue, an elephant who have many hand that ready to crush anyone without ticket into a pieces. Don’t want to be crushed, Danbo decide to buy the ticket for 9.500,- rupiah, and enter safely into the garden.

Danbo in the Lake Side

After some walk, he find the lake fill with flower. The water is green, not safe to drink or swim, but there are a beautiful flower in the middle of the lake. But wait! Before come closer to the lake, he saw a large creature that flying around the lake. The creature skin is red. The eyes is big and his tails is far longer than it’s body. With its four wings, the creature fly, circling the lake. Sometimes, the creature just stop in the tree, silent and still. The creature is the dragon…

Here Comes the Dragon.. Fly!

Fly! Amazed by this creature, Danbo completely forget the flower. Instead, he try to come closer to the dragonfly to take its picture. But the dragonfly is agile and shy. Every time Danbo get closer, its just fly to another tree. So many hours passed until finally Danbo catch the dragonfly off guard, and able to take a picture of it.

Satisfied of the result of his photo, Danbo walk to the Mexican Garden, a small garden filled with Mexican plant. Well, that’s mean a lot of needle and cactus. Better to watch your step there.

Well, it is not Danbo if he’s not taking a picture of his under some cactus.

Danbo Under the Cactus Tree

Off from the Mexican garden, Danbo is lost. He come to the part of the garden which he never see before. But sometimes getting lost is good because we can see a scenery and object we never see before. Danbo see a strange tree. The fruits is long and yellow. Although the fruit is beautiful and looks tasty, the smell is horrible. So he just run from its and, again, forgot to take the picture.

After some walk. he come to the legendary lake with a fountain in the middle of it. The think that make is legendary is not its water, but its rainbow. A beautiful rainbow formed by the fountain’s water. Hence, it is called the fountainbow. Even Danbo feels the name is lame, but still the fountainbow is a great sight.

The Fountainbow

The Orchid House is still far away. The scenery is so amazing and Danbo completely forget to write the journal of his journey, so, sadly, I have to omit some parts of Danbo’s story. But, there is some particular event that make Danbo feels angry.

When he walk in the Orchid Street, suddenly an old man with white staff and white robe come, blocked his way, and yell “You shall not pass! This path is blocked! Thou must use another path!”. Avoiding the conflict with the powerful wizard, Danbo choose to to take another path to Orchid House, but he still curious about what make the path is closed. After some investigation, it’s turnout that the path is used for shooting of some cinema (certainly not The Lord of The Ring).

Then, finally, he arrive in the Orchid House. In the front gate he thought he see a sun in the pot. But looking closer, its turnout that the sun is actualy a beautiful flower.

Like Flower Like Sun

And finally the adventure of Danbo is end. Although his body feels tired, his mind is greatly refreshed. Now, what he need just some food and rest in the conformity of his bed.


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