Yukikaze (Anime)


In the distant future, Earth is being invaded by a mysterious alien race known as the JAM. Though suffering heavy casualties, mankind unites and repels their advance, pushing them back to their home world of Fairy. As to not take any chances of another attack, an expeditionary force is formed to pursue and eradicate any who managed to flee. The campaign is successful, with all but a few small pockets of JAM completely destroyed, and preparations are made for the fleet to return to home. Enter Lieutenant Rei Fukai, the pilot of a reconnaissance fighter jet known as the Yukikaze.

I watch this series purely to the dogfight scene it’s offer. The dogfight scene is realistic. I prefer this than Macross series. One of my favorite part of this anime is this brilliant take-off sequence in episode 4 :

Sadly I find it’s character design is bad. Yukikaze is exception, of course ;). Currently I read English translation of Yukikaze novel. I hope I can get to know a more complete story of Yukikaze.

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