World Cruise Story

This November, Kairosoft launch it’s fifth game on Android platform : World Cruise Story. In this simulation game, you have to manage a cruise ship. You can decorate ship interior, make it larger ,set sail you cruise to many countries, and make your cruise the best in the world.

The gameplay is very similar to Hot Spring Story. Every building block has quality and price point which can be improved using item or place another block which compatible. Each block also has appeal point which can be improved by placing decorative items like flowers and trees. New building block can be unlocked by investing your money in available proposal. Auras system from Grand Prix Story also exist in this game. As usual, Kairosoft mascot – Kairobot – and many recurring character like Mr. X is appears as cameo in this game.

I like the consistency in all Kairosoft game. The graphic and music Is retro yet enjoyable, the gameplay is great, and although there are many challenge available. Like all Kairosoft’s game, it is hard to put down your phone before you finish this game.

If you find this game interesting, I suggest you also try another Kairosoft’s game : Game Dev Story, Hot Spring Story, Grand Prix Story, and Pocket League Story. My favorite so far is Game Dev Story (I replay it almost six time 😉 ). FYI, Kairosoft already launch it’s sixth game, but no English translation yet.

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