Yukikaze (Novel)


Decades ago, a hyperspace portal open in Ross Ice Shelf, Antartica. Within this passageway, an alien entity, known as JAM is attempted invasion of Earth. The world is thrown to panic. Earth Defense Force is formed and after a long war, JAM is finally able to pushed back into the passageway. Unfortunately, the portal is still open and the threats from JAM is still exist. When the EDF is launch counter attack to the other side of the portal, they found another planet, with white cloud and dense forest, that latter referred as Faery. To prevent another JAM attacks to Earth, humanity create six enourmous base in Faery and create Faery Air Force (FAF) as the main humanity military power in planet Faery.

The battle move from Earth to Faery. Another decade have passed. The JAM already forgotten by people on Earth, regarded as monster from fairy tail. But the JAM still exist. Faery Air Force still fight them in their home planet. Among many type of aircraft they created, thirteen high-performance aircrafts, called Super Sylph, are created. Super Sylph equipped with near-sentient artificial intelligence unit, making the Super Sylph as the best fighter humanity had in the war againts JAM. On of this Syper Sylph is called Yukikaze : a spirit of the air who ruled the skies of Faery. The queen of the wind.

Finally I done read this book, although some disturbances occurs (Fate/Zero and World Cruise Story). I like many aspect of this story. It is opened nicely with brief explanation about the war againts JAM. As the story advance, humanity ignorance is revealed. When the war againts JAM has re-placed to another planet, they regards the JAM no longer threats. They even regard FAF as more dangerous threats than JAM itself. What an irony.

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