The best feeling in photography

The best feeling in photography is when another person happily enjoying the photos that you took. I experience it once when my computer science class do a fieldtrip. Back then I don’t care about photography technique. The only things in my mind is to capture every possible moment and I found myself enjoying the process. When I upload the photos in facebook, every comments and like given is make even happier. That is the reason I make photography as my hobby.

Recently, I try to improve my skill by learning some photography techniques. And guess what? I find those photos are far greater than my attempts to apply photography techniques. Maybe I am too much focused in do the technique correctly so I forgot the feeling.

Let’s start from zero again :D.

FYI : The picture is taken from Tamayura – Hitotose – anime. The story is about a young girl who love photography.

6 thoughts on “The best feeling in photography

  1. for me, the best feeling in photography is when I fully push the shutter then release it. don’t care about sharpness, bokeh right exposure etc. just press it and trust your camera.

  2. in fact, be happy because the dream is a reality that wants to create. too dreamed anything, it is a pleasure. really beautiful dream

    yang pasti mas bro…. ternyata menjadikan sebuah hobby sebagai motivasi hidup adalah sesuatu yang efektif. terima kasih atas gambar.a ( ^.^ )d

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