Constant barrage of interruptions

Latest CodeProject News letter contain an article entitled Why Programmers Work at Night?. It is a well known facts that programmers often prefer to do “serious work” in the middle of night. The main purpose is to avoid distraction and interruptions from others. The article also contains the reason why programmer hate distraction :

Working on large abstract systems involves fitting the whole thing into your mind – somebody once likened this to constructing a house out of expensive crystal glass and as soon as someone distracts you, it all comes barreling down and shatters into a thousand pieces.

This is why programmers are so annoyed when you distract them.

Sadly, now, I mostly works at home. So I have to face constant barrage of interruptions T_T. I hate every minutes someone play music aloud even in the middle of the night. If you want to listen to music so much, why you don’t use the great invention called earphone or headphone!!

Just a little request : when you see a programmer using headphone/earphone and so focused to the monitor, don’t ever distract him/her just for trivial matter. The headphone is there for a reason.

Ok, let’s face it….

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