Positive Thinking

There is an eksquisite dialogue in Zahir, a book written by Paulo Coelho. Unfortunately, I’m not have read Zahir yet. I find those dialogue in Zahir review by Guardian. The dialogue is given below.

The doctor replies: “In the world we live in, if a boy goes out to buy five apples but arrives home with only two, people would conclude that he has eaten the three missing apples.”

Those miscommunication always happens in our daily life. Most of time, we judge people based on our own reasoning. If someone late, we judge the man as a lazy person. When someone hurt you, we guess the man do it intentionally. When computer bugs occurs, we accuse the framework or programming language used as flawed one. We often relied to our first impression, without even ask another party about what exactly happen. The same thing happen to our apple boy. No one ask why he only bring two apples instead of fve.

Now let the Doctor continue.

In my world, there are other possibilities: he could have eaten them, but he could also have been robbed; the money he’d been given might not have been enough to buy the five apples he’d been sent for; he could have lost them on the way home; he could have met someone who was hungry and decided to share the fruit with that person, and so on. In my world, everything is possible and everything is relative.

Yes. Everyone have their own excuse and rather than rely to our conjecture, it is better to ask the reason. I afraid if we accuse our apple boy, in the future he will rather keep his apples rather than give it to the hungry person.

Now the ultimate question : “Bug, why you must exist in my program?”

Now back to work…


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