Epic Astro Story

Another time consuming game from Kairosoft. This time we get space exploration simulation game. We get a planet, a handful of resident, and alien civilization to be friend with. Our task is to explore unknown territory, design a city, produce goods and product, explore the dungeon, and gain trust from another races.

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Few tips I found useful when playing this games is :

  • Make use of natural object like lake and flower by build resort near them.
  • Level up your exploration party only when you need to, especially in the beginning of the game.
  • Minimize the tourist queues by build sufficient amount of space port.
  • When do expedition to another planet for first time, do not invite any resident yet. Finish the exploration first. After that you can always return to that planet  again to recruit them. It is waste of time and money to back and forth do expedition to same planet. Better get all recruits available to invite first then pick the one we need.
  • Explore new dungeon or area with only one resident. Choose the cheap one but still have high exploration point to speed up the process. When the resident almost reach the end and he ask for more money, choose no. Afterwards, send your best troops to clear the area. This way, we can save a lot of money without losing a valuable work forces. The only drawbacks is only one resident get any point bonus (if any) on the area.

My first clear points is 656.208. My stat is :

Final Money : 8.508.7K
Research Point : 4894
Friendly Planet : 6 (all unlocked)
Developed Land : 100 (all explored)
Relation : 1074
Technologies : 37 (all tecnology unlocked)
Resident : 33
Product : 25 (all developed)
Special development : 29 (all developed)
Guest : 13306

I also manage to get Chimpan-Z and Kairobot armor to bring to next play. The later is very hard to get. I managed to get it in my last in-game month (March on year 16th). Happy playing :mrgreen:.

My final store in first playthrough

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