Finally, an update!

I just realized that the last, real post in this blog was posted in 30th January 2012. That is five months ago! So this morning, I decided to kill my laziness and type this post.

Many thing happened in this last five months. I got a job as an assisstant in my almamater, I enroll in master degrees in computer science , Gundam got a new series, and some Agatha Christie’s novels got reprinted, with a new cover format and higher price. The new cover design is very nice, but I will not buy it, unless I didn’t have it in my collections.

I completely fail my Reading Challenge in the first month ;), and the primary reason is my enrollment in master degrees. Instead of reading a lot of novels, I mainly read scientific papers. Instead of writting a blog post, I writing papers for my assignment. But, because the semester is already over, I have a lot of spare times to back to my hobbies: reading a lot of novel.  I already hoarded a lot of books, and the one I will read first are:

Paulo Coelho’s series. Not included in pucture: The Alchemist, The Pilgrimate, and The Witch of Portobello. Sadly, I don’t have The Zahir yet :(.

I already read The Fifth Mountain and Like a Flowing River (Indonesian: Seperti Sungai yang Mengalir).  So far, the translation is quite good. The quality is equal as the translation of The Alchemist.

So, let enjoy this nice Sunday with reading some books and hearing a nice song :)….

…and cleaning the house, off course… 😦

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