Printed vs Electronic Books


I always fond of books, as you can see from soo many book reviews that I have written in this blog. However, the latest changes in book-selling business in Indonesia started to change my habbits. Two notable changes are the Google Book and Telkomsel Billing Service. This enables me to just download the book from the Net legally.

What you preferes, buying printed or electronic book? As for me, there are some cases where I prefer to buy printed on. I tries to summarize it as follows:

When to Buy Printed Books

  • A reference book that included many technical or mathematical details. I found myself not fond of reading such books even in my Tab.
  • Photography or design books. Well, I have to admit that this kind of books are more enjoyable to displayed in my office or bookshelves.
  • When you get a money :mrgreen:. Yes, printed book cost more. Softcover or paperback version durability are low so I prefer the hardcover one when buying books, which are, sadly, more expensive.
  • Magazine.

When to Buy Electronics Books

  • Novel. Well, there are not many novel that I read more than once (I even don’t bother to read some of them *sigh*). So why I have to buy it just to makes my bookshelves more cramed?
  • Chicken soup style books.
  • Books with small amount of picture.
  • When you found your pocket is sort of cash :mrgreem:

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