Video Collections about How Computers Works

I am teaching Computer Application Course (KOM201) this semester for first year Computer Science students in my university. Perhaps many of you raise a question about the existence of this course, given we are living in a modern world. It is valid reason to assume the students (especially computer science students) already know the application of computer. Right?

Not necessarily. As the matter of facts, several computer science courses, mainly in architectural level or operating system, will require deeper understanding around the working mechanism of computers (and most of the times, its history of improvements). Yes, almost all CS students familiar with hard drive, flash drive, or memory, but the knowledge their inner mechanism is varied.

So, I decided to collect several good videos that can be a good start to learn about this fascinating structure of this wonderful machine that makes our life far more interesting. If you want to contribute to this list, you can kindly told me via the comments below.

The Birth of the Computer

George Dyson gave us a brief history of computer.

What is (Quantum) Computer?

The first 2 minutes of this video is about computer in general, explained in a nutshell. If you confidence enough, you can continue watching to quantum computer. The Kurzgesagt composing very good song in this video.

How do Hard Drives Work?

This video will explained about how data stored in the hard drive. After you watched this video you will attend your hard drive more carefully.

How do GPS Work?

How the tiny chip in your smartphone can located you on Earth 24 hours a day?

What is The Internet and Who Invented It?

Although it is only spreading in early 90s, the Internet has a longer history than that.

Internet of Things

IoT is a hit and this video explained simply about how it can works.

A Day Made of Glass

A day made of glass is a good illustration of the ubiquity and pervasiveness of computer in the future. The unpacked version has an explanation about the possibility of using the mentioned technologies. Surprisingly, most of them already able to build, but it will be very expensive.

Some Trivia about Computer Screen

Another Resources

  • There are many TED speakers that give a talks about new trends in both hardware and algorithm in computer science.
  • HowStuffWorks published a good tour of computer components.
  • If you looking for more spesific information, you can visit Toms Hardware.

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